Fleet vehicle mileage and length of time on fleet have both reduced significantly in the past four years.

Craig Smith, commercial director at fleet data providers Autofutura, told the VRA Conference that data showing a near 16% fall in contract length from 44 months in 2010 to 37 months in 2013. He also revealed that average annual mileage has fallen to 18,200, down 300 on 2010.

Smith added that for LCVs, while there had also been falls in term and total distance over the past four years, there had been an increase in annual mileage of 1200 to 19,400 in 2013.

Other trends highlighted by Smith included an increase in front-wheel drive and 4×4 vehicles at the expense of rear-drive cars among fleets. And he also said there had been a rise in cars with automatic gearboxes.

Average power output had seen a decline over the past four years from 137hp to 131hp.