Venson Automotive Solutions has introduced a salary sacrifice scheme called Venson Advantage which it says has “built-in risk elimination for employers”.

Managing director Samantha Roff said: “Introducing a salary sacrifice scheme will see companies contract hiring vehicles from ourselves. Just as with conventional leasing schemes they want to be certain that they have limited risk exposure.

“Therefore we have compiled ‘the legal pack’ that provides advice in the event of staff being made redundant, on long-term sickness, wracking up end-of-contract damage, excess mileage etc. The advice is aimed at ensuring that employers are not left with unwanted cars and large bills by providing them with information on rewriting employees’ terms and conditions.”

The company said the scheme has been launched due to demands from customers who consider salary sacrifice as a way of delivering NIC savings, cutting their carbon footprint, improving duty of care and improving employee benefits.

Venson Automotive Solutions’ online fleet management system, Venson Interactive, now has quotation system that enables both employers and employees to calculate whether or not they would be better off opting to sacrifice salary in return for a company car.

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