Volvo has created a website to give business drivers information required to help them fund company cars.

Free to use, the website – known as the Fleet Tax Guide – provides a single source of information to make sure drivers and managers are up to date with various obligations and entitlements, including:

  • Tax rates and allowance
  • National Insurance Contributions (NIC) rates and thresholds
  • Capital allowances
  • Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) rates
  • OLEV and hybrid grant rates and criteria
  • Vehicle Excise Duty (VED)rates
  • Approved mileage allowance payments (AMAPs) and advisory fuel rates (AFRs)

The website has been designed with mobile use in mind and is compatible with all smartphone devices, and the guide will update itself automatically.

“The changes in company car tax thresholds continue to encourage low-CO2 company cars, but all the factors involved in funding a car can make the process quite daunting,” said Selwyn Cooper, head of business sales at Volvo UK. “Our new Fleet Tax Guide will help current fleet customers to stay ahead of any changes to their vehicle payments, while allowing companies looking to add Volvos to their fleet to make informed decisions based on the latest information, supporting them through the initial stages of the selection process. This is just another example of Volvo making its customers’ lives easier.”

Jeff Whitcombe, director of BCF Wessex, who developed the site, added “We developed the Fleet Tax Guide to replace the pocket tax guide that was hugely popular within the automotive industry for so many years. Our multi-platform digital guide is user-friendly and far more practical, offering up-to-date figures to provide a convenient way to access all the latest tax information relevant to businesses.”