Herbert Diess has been appointed as the new chairman of Volkswagen Group.

He replaces Matthias Muller, who has stepped down from the role.

In other boardroom changes, Gunnar Kilian has been made head of human resources and organisation, replacing Karlheinz Blessing, who has left the board by mutual agreement.

Also, Oliver Blume, chairman of the board at Porsche, has been appointed to the group board, and Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, head of procurement, has left the company at his own request.

Chairman of the supervisory board Hans Dieter Potsch said: “The Volkswagen Group’s goal is and remains to align the company and its brands with future needs, to safeguard its position among the leaders of the international automotive industry with innovativeness and profitability and to be instrumental in shaping tomorrow’s personal mobility with the strength of our group brands.

“Herbert Diess is the right manager to do that. In realigning the Volkswagen brand, he has demonstrated to impressive effect the speed and rigor with which he can implement radical transformation processes.

“This accomplishment makes him predestined to fully implement our Strategy 2025 in the decisive years that are now to follow.”

Potsch also paid tribute to Muller, who took them helm of the group in the aftermath of the Dieselgate emissions scandal.

He said: “Matthias Muller has done outstanding work for the Volkswagen Group.

“He assumed the chairmanship of the board of management in the fall of 2015 when the company faced the greatest challenge in its history.

“Not only did he safely navigate Volkswagen through that time; together with his team, he also fundamentally realigned the group’s strategy, initiated cultural change and, with great personal commitment, made sure that the Volkswagen Group not just stayed on track but is now more robust than ever before.

“For that, he is due the thanks of the entire company.”