Volkswagen is to celebrate becoming the UK’s number one ‘true fleet’ brand with a raft of exciting new models over the next 18 months.

Fleet boss Vince Kinner claims the German brand is now top of the pile for fleet business if you remove the likes of daily rental, motability and internal sales, passing both Ford and Vauxhall last year. The Passat and Golf are also number one and two for European fleet sales.

The brand currently competes in 76% of the UK marketplace, across all sectors and engine derivatives, but by 2010 that will have increased to 96%.

The first new sector it will enter is the small 4×4 market, with the Tiguan (pictured) due to arrive at the end of the year. That’s followed by a four-door coupe variant of the Passat saloon, in the vein of the Mercedes-Benz CLS, coming in summer 2008. “It’s more expensive than a Passat saloon, and one of the sexiest cars we’ve brought out in a long time,” said Kinner.

But the one the brand is most excited about is the Scirocco. “It’s a very affordable three-door, you’ll be shocked that we can build a car this good this cheap,” he said.

VW’s CO2-cutting Bluemotion technology, first seen on the Polo and then Passat, will also be extended to the Golf, Jetta and Golf estate. “I hope it will become as commonplace as TDI is now,” said Kinner.

VW is also revamping its customer service department to increase fleet satisfaction. “I hope in a year from now you will be saying to me that we’ve made a difference,” he told the ACFO AGM earlier this month. “The message is that we’re going to be more focussed on you as a customer.”