Electric vehicle charging point locator Zap-Map has updated its app to include more real-time data for charging points.

According to the company, version 3.0 of its app now includes live data for around 75% of London charging points, 45% of charging points in England and Wales, 80% of the points in Northern Ireland, 94% of the stations in Ireland and 3% of Scotland’s charging points.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Melanie Shufflebotham, sales and marketing director at Zap-Map, told BusinessCar the company is in discussions with Chargeplace Scotland to integrate its data into the app with the aim of eventually displaying live data for 80% of electric vehicle charging point infrastructure.

In addition, the Zap-Map app and desktop website now have live data from Source London, ESB ecars and ecarNI network to add to the updates already available from Chargemaster’s and GeniePoint’s networks.

Also, as part of the update, users are now able to report a charging bay as being ‘ICEd’ – blocked by a vehicle powered by a petrol or diesel engine – while there is an also an area to ask Zap-Map and other users general questions.

“With electric cars moving into the mainstream, it is essential that EV drivers have the tools and information they need to plan their electric journeys, and we are delighted to release our new app with more live network data for EV drivers in London, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland,” Shufflebotham said. “We will continue to develop the best possible tools for EV drivers on the move with new features and more live data planned for later this year.”

Gareth Davis, head of ecars at ESB, commented: “We are delighted that information on our extensive network of charge points in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will be available on Zap-Map and will allow EV drivers to easily access information on charge point locations and availability. This information is essential for EV drivers wishing to plan their journey and ensure they have charging facilities on route.”

Christophe Arnaud, managing director of Source London, said: “We are delighted to have partnered with Zap-Map as it will enable EV users to be updated with live information on the status of our charging points. The app is incredibly simple to use and allows EV drivers to view the locations and availability of our charging points with ease. We hope that giving users the visibility of the whole network will encourage and accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles throughout London.”