Fleet provider Zenith has removed cars that have not gone through the new WLTP testing regime from its quoting platform.

Full data from the new WLTP tests, designed to be more representative of real world driving than the old NEDC tests for fuel economy and CO2 emissions, will be introduced for tax purposes from 2020. 

However, cars tested now are already going through WLTP before having their figures converted back into an NEDC-equivalent figure.

Zenith says removing cars for which such data is not yet available is essential to maintain transparency.

Managing director Ian Hughes said: “We believe that this approach is the most transparent way to ensure that our drivers order with confidence and receive the car they’re anticipating.

“It is clear that the industry is in a transitional phase as it moves to the new emissions standard and we have seen a significant rise in the number of orders being cancelled by the supply chain as models undergo the necessary testing.

“We expect this step to be a short-term measure as manufacturers address the issue; as soon as their new model data is released we will add it immediately to our systems.”

Zenith says it has seen an increase in the number of driver orders being cancelled by manufacturers due to models being removed from production in recent weeks, and that it has quickly moved to help these customers choose an alternative vehicle.

The firm says that while the move will reduce the number of cars available to quote on in the short-term, it feels it is important to only display what is available to order at this time.

As manufacturers continue to release their compliant cars, Zenith says the data will be updated in the quoting platform. 

Hughes said: “We’ve identified that there is an issue and quickly taken action to minimise any further impact on our customers and drivers.

“We will be updating drivers on WLTP by placing a notification on their quoting platforms, and will encourage them to talk to their account manager if their choice of car isn’t available to order.”

Where a driver is unable to complete the order process before their contract end date, Zenith is offering an informal extension while they wait for a suitable WLTP-approved model to become available.