Summary: Not the most obvious fleet choice, but can Alfa’s Giulietta tempt Al Suttie?


1 – I’ve never subscribed to the ‘you must own an Alfa to be a car enthusiast’ drivel, but this Giulietta could lure me in.

2 – As a strikingly pretty alternative to an Audi A3 or VW Golf, the Giulietta aces its rivals.

3 – It’s also good on the inside with clear-cut dash design and a good driving position. Only demerit is over the shoulder vision.


4 – As a car that straddles the divide between mainstream and premium, some of the plastics let the side down.

5 – However, the ‘DNA’ button is easy to reach and it’s worth punting into Sport mode as this is where the Giulietta feels its best.

6 – Crisper throttle response is the reward for choosing Sport mode and it makes the 150hp Super feel surprisingly hot hatch-ish.

7 -0-62mph in 8.2 seconds won’t scare a GTI, but the Alfa’s chassis balance lets you carry pace through corners.


8 – The steering is also pleasingly direct and offers more feel than most rivals, and it’s not at the expense of the turning circle either.

9 – Okay, the ride is on the firmer side of what’s acceptable, but we didn’t ever feel it was jarring. Refinement could be better, mind.

10 – 51.4mpg and 127g/km may not convince many in this sector, but the Alfa Giulietta deserves to appeal to a broader audience than just the diehards.