Can the updated Fiat 500 still charm us into choosing it, asks Al Suttie?

1 – Facelifted, updated, revised: whatever you want to call it, the Fiat 500 is still a cute looker.

2 – There are more significant changes inside with the addition of a touchscreen in the centre console.

3 – The screen is easy to reach but slow to react to commands, especially the navigation that took an age to select.

4 – Still, the rest of the controls are much more responsive and the six-speed manual gearbox has a satisfyingly short shift.

5 – The steering could be better, mind, as there’s a slight graininess when making tiny adjustments at lower speeds.

6 – However, the 500 handles well and even rides smoothly on its optional 16-inch alloy wheels.

7 – The TwinAir engine is the star of the show, though, even on a car painted in colours that would make a golfer think twice before leaving the house.

8 – With 105hp in a car weighing 940kg, the peppy two-cylinder motor gets things moving with more haste than figures suggest.

9 – Use the revs and the TwinAir engine also sounds raspily fun, just like the original Nuova 500.

10 – Making the most of the TwinAir engine does knock the economy a bit, but it’s worth it for the fun it imparts.