Is the step up to Titanium trim worth the extra expense in Ford’s Grand C-max asks Al Suttie

1 – Around 70% of Ford C-max models sold to fleet at Zetec spec, but the Titanium offers a generous dollop of extra kit.

2 – Extra kit includes auto headlights and wipers, cruise control, electric rear windows and fancier seat upholstery for an extra £1500.

3 – Our test car also had the £300 Sync2 satnav that is easy to use with addresses or postcodes.

4 – Using the satnav’s touchscreen can often mean unintentionally retuning the radio due to the position of the stereo’s controls.

5 – The £700 optional Key Free System is fine for keyless ignition, but it often wouldn’t work for keyless entry even with the key next to the door handle.

6 – Also with the Key Free System is a powered tailgate, which is slower to lift or close than the normal non-powered variety.

7 – Sliding middle bench adds to practicality of the seven-seat Grand C-max, while the third row pews are plenty big enough for kids.

8 – There’s an abundance of space up front, but it took a lot of experimentation to find the ideal driving position to avoid a numbed posterior.

9 – The 1.5 turbodiesel might be relatively small in capacity but it pulls well and returned a satisfactory 58.0mpg against a claimed 64.2mpg average.

10 – Motorway cruising is easy, but there is still a little too much wind swish from around the front screen and door mirrors.