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Vauxhall’s most desirable Astra droptop in top-selling and fleet friendly 140PS petrol form.


Fine on-paper performance. The 1.8 sprints to 0-62mph in 10.7secs, averages 36.7mpg on the combined cycle, while attracting a BIK of 24% and a near class-topping 28.4p cost-per-mile.


Lacks the coupe cabriolet hunchback that plagues some of its competitors. Blessed with the ability to raise or lower its hood at speeds of up to 18mph.


On-road performance. Too much movement in body over bumps. The engine has to be worked hard too.


Our car suffered from poor throttle feel making it too tricky to get off the traffic lights smoothly.


Astra remains our favourite sun-worshipping repmobile, only a high P11D will limit its fleet success.