Audi‘s soft-roader Allroad moniker has been applied to the latest A6 Avant, promising an extra dimension of practical but slightly more rugged transport thanks to increased ground clearance and off-road-style body cladding. Inside, it’s the same fare as the standard A6 estate: exceptionally well built with a practical 565-litre boot.

The 204hp 3.0-litre V6 engine tested here hauls the hefty Audi along with ease and exceptional smoothness, emitting 159g/km in this guise, so it just qualifies for the sub-160g/km write-down allowance, although impending goalpost changes will soon kibosh that.

Practical and desirable though it is, you can find cars that better the Allroad on space and off-road prowess for much less money. It may be a joy to execute light off-roading duties and load-lugging in such a car, but with a P11D of £42,925, £2715 above the same engine in an A6 Avant S-line, it’s not a particularly affordable prospect.

Score: 7/10

Verdict: Supremely practical, well built and luxurious, but costs count against it