Audi‘s popular two-seater roadster is now available in ‘S’ format with a turbo-charged 272PS 2.0-litre engine.

The result is a responsive drop-top with fantastic handling. The TT-S may cost £35,375 to buy and 68.7ppm to run, but the 5.6secs 0-62mph time is half a second swifter than its 3.2-litre V6 sister. Fuel consumption is also 5.6mpg better at 34.4, while CO2 is a massive 56g/km lower at just 194.

The roadster is boosted by the aesthetic enhancements, including unique styling features such as the redesigned grille, while the glorious but optional 19-inch alloys and blue paint-job drew many admiring comments. Despite this, it doesn’t look as sleek and flowing as the coupe, although it offers great roof-down thrills at a more economical level than before.

Verdict: An exciting way to put two fingers up to the credit crunch