BMW is the latest firm to head down the folding hard-top route for its convertible model – though it has kept the purist happy by launching the convertible alongside the coupe version, instead of replacing it like many rival manufacturers have done.

We’ve now had the chance to try the new prestige drop-top in 330d form, the engine that maybe best combines performance and frugality.

The folding roof is in three parts, which helps improve the looks while it’s up and the packaging while it’s down. It did, however, throw a couple of hissy fits about dropping when there was luggage in the boot, and it also severely impacts upon that boot space.

But BMW’s produced another winner, with roof-down refinement up with the best convertibles on sale. You will pay for that lofty privilege, with the M Sport trim level car we drove coming in at £41,030 or 47.9pence per mile before you dial into the options list.

Verdict: Excellent refinement, great engine and classy looks. But not a cheap option