So you want a car that can do everything without crippling taxes? Well, BMW’s new X5, now powered by the company’s twin-turbo 3.0-litre diesel, could just be it.

BMW X5_Page 27.gif

As we already know from our first drive of the standard, lower-powered diesel X5, the 4×4 is bigger and better than before. The boot is more than 600 litres in volume, including a good-sized under-floor compartment to hide items or stop them being crushed. There is excellent rear passenger legroom, and the whole feel of the interior gives you confidence in the build quality.

However, the thing that impresses most is the 286PS 3.0-litre engine. It propels the car from 0-62mph in seven seconds thanks to a smooth automatic gearbox that has a superbly quick step-off (the action of getting the car from standstill to moving).

More amazing is that, despite all this performance in such a heavy car, the fuel consumption is impressive at an average combined figure of 34.4mpg; coupled to a large fuel tank the resulting cruising range is well over 600 miles. But the best bit is that with CO2 emissions of just 216g/km, you can beat Ken Livingstone’s London congestion charge.

If you like the sound of this car, there are a couple of negatives. Firstly, the price – at well over £40,000 (you could hit £50k with options) it’s not cheap. Secondly, in cities people think you’re mad and should be in the country because it’s a 4×4, while in the country people think you’re mad and should be in the city because it’s not a Land Rover or Range Rover.