What’s new: Cadillac’s main volume product has now officially arrived in the UK, and here we drive the top-spec version, powered by a 2.8-litre V6 turbocharged engine.

Excellent: The BLS looks great, especially in a sector not known for its stand-out cars. It’s also very well specced.

Good: There’s plenty of interior and boot space, and the engineers have made the Cadillac more refined than the Saab 9-3 the BLS is based on. It rides well, although the Sport Luxury’s set-up is firmer than the rest of the range.

Average: It’s a shame most of the distinctive interior switchgear is taken directly from the 9-3.

Poor: The 2.8t falls in the 35% tax bracket, while the auto returns 26.2mpg. A pricing embargo has delayed the announcement of full costs.

Verdict: Cadillac is only hunting modest volumes while it seeks to establish itself, and the BLS is a worthy alternative to more talented Germans, if a brave choice at this stage.