An auto is rumoured to be under development but for now we get the slick Mitsubishi six-speed that ensures strong and flexible performance, just remember to keep ‘4WD’ selected, which shuffles torque from front to rear, reducing unpleasant wheel tugging on hard acceleration.


Handling, like the others in the trio, is at the very best end of the 4×4 scale, being more jacked-up estate car than lumbering farmer’s friend.

But which of the three is best? Both Peugeot and Citroen are being conservative with the number they’re importing, hovering around 2000 cars each annually, so expect them to be a rarity. But thanks to superior SMR costs and higher residuals than its Gallic sibling, the Citroen recently took silver in our best-in-class costs comparison. The Mitsubishi won gold but we prefer the more powerful 2.2 HDi over the Mitsu’s 2.0-litre any day, despite the C-crosser’s 38.7mpg (2.2mpg down) and BIK penalty.