he Cactus is a striking car and while car journalists admire the French brand for being bold, the general reaction from those outside the industry seems to be bafflement, particularly in eye-shielding yellow.
The muscular design even feels like this Citroen has had some input from the DS premium brand team, but delve a bit deeper and the Cactus is very much a value proposition.

Prices start at just £12,990 in the UK and this model is £14,590 without options. Those really looking for a bargain could consider the Dacia Duster at £9260 or even the Peugeot 2008, which is £13,140, but they’re not as interesting.

The 1.2-litre Puretech petrol is surprisingly capable and it’s also the leader against rivals in this class in terms of efficiency, even when held up against the 2008, which uses the same engine. It’s 105g/km CO2 rating puts it in the 14% BIK band, which is due to weight savings of 200kg compared with the standard C4.

Those looking to avoid VED and pay even less in BIK but still want a petrol could choose this car but with an automatic transmission, which cuts CO2 even further to 98g/km.