What’s new: Citroen has added a new six-speed automatic gearbox to its DS4 line-up, mated to the 160hp 2.0-litre diesel engine. It’s the first diesel auto for the quirky front-wheel drive crossover.

Excellent: Unlike the firm’s jerky EGS automated manual ‘box used on smaller engines, the gearshift itself on the six-speed auto is pleasantly slick, offering an almost seamless change.

Good: The DS4 handles like a car with a lower centre of gravity than the jacked-up looks suggest.

Average: Being a traditional auto, rather than a new generation of automated manual, there is an emissions penalty for the self-shifter. A?CO2 figure of 149g/km is 15g/km higher than the manual, which means a 5.8mpg difference as well as the £1345 premium for the auto on P11D price.

Poor: There’s a 4.2 pence per mile difference between manual and auto on the running costs, with the emissions, higher price and a residual value 0.5% worse than the manual all counting against it.

Verdict: The DS4’s first proper automatic is a pleasing car to drive, but the running costs make it impractical.