Ford’s well-received new Kuga is available in automatic six-speed Powershift form as well as the manual we have already tested.

Costing an extra £1500 and adding 8g/km to the emissions, taking them to 162g/km, the auto is more efficient than those offered by Honda and Toyota in the CR-V (174g/km) and Rav4 (176g/km) respectively.

But, to be honest, the manual version is still the better bet. As well as being cheaper and more efficient than the standard manual version, it doesn’t feel like it saps power like the automatic can, and the self-shifter can also occasionally go hunting for gears. 

But if you’re in the market for a diesel auto off-roader then the Kuga is the best bet.Its residuals and emissions both put it ahead of the Japanese rivals on a cost-per-mile basis, and it’s also the best-looking and best-driving of the three, rendering it the logical choice.