Honda’s new CR-V off-roader is frustrating because there’s a good car in there, but at present it’s just not practical for business car operators.

The main issue is the emissions – at present there’s no model below 149g/km, which is 20g/km higher than the lowest-emitting Toyota Rav4 and also well adrift of Ford’s Kuga. A decent proportion of that is down to the fact that only petrol models are available with a front-wheel drive layout; all the diesel options are four-wheel drive, adding weight and increasing emissions. There will be two-wheel drive diesels with the arrival this summer of the excellent new 1.6-litre diesel engine from the Civic, but until then the 150hp 2.2 just doesn’t make enough sense. In this top EX trim, as is also the case with the SR level, which is kitted out with everything you could ask for but with a price tag of more than £30,000, the emissions jump another 5g/km to 154g/km, or 48.7mpg, due to the fitment of larger 18-inch alloys.

The cabin switchgear and audio system are also a little frustrating to operate, especially on the move, but there’s plenty of space and practicality. It’s just a shame that the CR-V is effectively in limbo in the corporate sector until a more sensible powertrain is added.