At £19,990 Isuzu’s Rodeo Denver Max LE might seem a touch pricey compared to its rivals, but it comes with an extra-long list of equipment.

This range-topping 2.5-litre model includes an Isuzu Prodrive power boost to more than 160PS (up from the standard 136PS), a hardtop load bay cover, 18-inch alloys, leather seats, satnav and Bluetooth phone connection. The Prodrive boost is activated by a button on the dash, which drops the 0-62mph time from 12.8 to 11.7 seconds. Where it makes the biggest impression is on the motorway with a marked difference in power in fourth and fifth gears.

Refinement, following a facelift at the start of the year, is greatly improved, and the interior finish and feel has been upgraded. The touch-screen DVD satnav system, however, with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, is difficult to read and fiddly to use because the on-screen buttons are tiny.

Verdict: A high value pick-up and credible alternative to the bigger sellers.