What’s new: Mercedes-Benz UK?has reintroduced its legendary off-roader first sold as a passenger model in 1979 to the UK?price list. Only two models, this 350?CDI diesel and the £117,000 G55 AMG, make up the range.

Excellent: Extremely capable off-road, the G-class has an air of exclusivity that is rare at even this price. It certainly turns heads.

Good: Performance from the 210hp diesel is deceptively impressive at 9.1 seconds to 62mph, while the big boot with a durable floor sits well with the country lifestyle image of the G-class.

Average: Residual values from KwikCarcost of 39.0%?represent the vehicle’s rarity, and the interior is typically Mercedes-Benz, although it won’t take much effort to add thousands of pounds in options.

Poor: To be honest, it’s really not very good to drive, with a real bounce to the ride quality and heavy, inaccurate steering.?The price is also monumental, and efficiency isn’t great either at 295g/km of CO2.

Verdict: Massive exclusivity comes with price tag, but to drive it’s more farmer’s vehicle than Chelsea tractor.