What’s new: Mitsbishi has upgraded its car and, driven here, light commercial vehicle versions of the Outlander with a new 175hp 2.3 diesel engine that’s more powerful and efficient than its predecessor

Excellent: The engine, 21hp more powerful than its predecessor, is impressively refined and strong, while 12% more efficient at 165g/km and an official 44.8mpg.

Good: Standard kit on this converted commercial vehicle version of the seven-seat car includes cruise control, climate control and heated door mirrors. The price makes it more than £3500 cheaper than its Nissan Pathfinder rival.

Average: Payload is surprisingly small at 525kg, which is dwafed by car-derived vans like the Ford Fiesta Van. Load space is a reasonable 1.7cu/m.

Poor: It’s not an easy vehicle to load. The side doors open for extra access, but don’t expect to reach or walk in like you would a van or pick-up.

Verdict: Up with the most refined and well-equipped LCVs thanks to its car roots – just don’t expect to carry very heavy loads.