There’s no doubting, in our opinion, that the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is one of the best EVs on sale and is justifiably popular in fleet. However, the pace of change doesn’t stop, and despite only being launched in 2021, Hyundai has just released upgraded versions with significant changes to the batteries and motors.

A new, slightly larger 77.4kWh battery (previously 72.6kWh) is fitted to Ioniq 5 models towards the top end of the range. At the same time, Hyundai is giving its dual-motor set-up more power to go with it – a solid 325hp equalling a 0-62 acceleration time in just 5.1 seconds, in fact. Although we’re focussing on the single motor version here. 

To go with these powertrain updates, Hyundai has also made significant changes to the range. The entry-level SE Connect has been discontinued, so Premium is the new start point at £43,150, when fitted with the smaller 58kWh battery and single 170hp motor. Ultimate is above Premium, but it’s no longer the range-topper – that role has been given to the new Namsan Edition version that we have here. 

The £54,150 price is chunky, but Hyundai has thrown all the kit at this Ioniq 5 range-topper. Equipment highlights include the digital side mirrors, full-length panoramic roof, and a digital centre mirror to overcome  rear vision issues – as this Hyundai hatch has no rear wash wipe. Another useful upgrade – especially in winter – is the fact that a heat pump is fitted as standard, hopefully relieving range anxiety issues. 

Outside, those digital mirrors and the 20in wheels are the big giveaway this is the Namsan Edition. The modern retro hatch design of the Ioniq 5 is wearing well and looked particularly sharp in the matte Shooting Star Grey finish of our test car. 

Inside, there’s no doubt the Namsan Edition has the most luxurious interior of any Ioniq 5 that we’ve ever tried. The white leather trim and blue highlighting looks and feels luxurious – although we reckon it would show the dirt in the longer term. It is still the same spacious place to spend time – especially in the back. However, it feels like Hyundai has taken a closer look at the smaller details in the cabin for the Namsan Edition, with more padding in places and better quality grey plastic for the dash and around the interior.  

On the move, we’re not sure the Namsan  showcases the mechanical upgrades at their best. Don’t get us wrong, this Ioniq 5 doesn’t feel short of power, but this Hyundai EV already felt hefty – even without the extra weight from the improved battery pack. Then there’s the standard 20in wheels and soft ride, which give a wallowy feel over road undulations. There is also plenty of body roll in corners, the steering still lacks feel and those wheels equal a particularly unsettled low-speed ride. However, this improves at speed as this Ioniq 5 is an accomplished and comfortable motorway cruiser.  

Another downside of those wheels is they lop off 20 miles of range from the new battery – although 295 miles is respectable, and we saw about 250 miles to a charge even in the cold winter weather. 

Besides the ride, we still can’t really see the  benefit of the digital mirrors. There’s no doubt the cameras give a clear view of what’s behind on the two small square OLED screens fitted in the corner of the Ioniq’s front door panels. However, in practice we found them hard to get used to – as the screen’s position isn’t the same as it would be if you had actual mirrors. Plus, we’re sure they’re significantly more expensive to replace should the worse happen. 

We’ve already established that the Ioniq 5 works best in single motor, rear-drive form for fleet. And whilst we welcome the battery upgrades, we think the Ultimate with its (slightly!) lower P11D price will be the fleet sweet spot.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 77kWh Namsan Edition Auto 

P11D: £54,095

Residual value: 44.31%

Depreciation: £30,126

Fuel: £4,813

Service, maintenance and repair: £2,109

Cost per mile: 62.49p

Range: 295 miles

CO2 (BIK %): 0g/km (2%) 

BIK 20/40% a month: £18/£36

Luggage capacity: 527 litres

Battery size/power: 77.4 kWh/228hp