I am the classic early adopter and so when the BusinessCar TT arrived with the optional Audi Connect system that hooks the car up to the internet and allows the driver to send destinations from either an app or a website to the car, I was a very happy geek.

Having used the connected systems of other cars I know they can be brilliant, and make the slow process of entering a destination in the satnav a thing of the past. A connected car means you can just click and go.

However, from day one, the Google Send To Car facility, that should allow you to send a destination direct from Google Maps to the car, hasn’t worked.

At first I thought it was user error, but a conversation with a clued-up product expert at the Audi City dealership in Picadilly showed it wasn’t. There are also a few forum threads on the internet written by Audi owners experiencing the same issue.

I’ve also found the Audi app, which should also allow destination input, to be somewhat temperamental. It frequently displays error messages.

Currently, the problem has been escalated to Audi HQ in Germany but even after six weeks no solution from that quarter has been forthcoming.

So, until my errant Audi Connect system is fixed, I’d recommend anyone buying a new TT to think carefully about paying the £1795 option price.

Audi TT Coupe 2.0 TDI ultra

Mileage 3102
P11D price £32,305
Forecast/actual cost per mile 65.4p/66.6p
Our average consumption 49.9mpg
Official combined consumption 67.3mpg