Unsurprisingly, I love driving dep ed Barker’s Audi TT. What I wasn’t expecting, though, was achieving some decent consumption figures.

I’ve been getting, according to the trip computer, a 45mpg average on my regular commute, which consists of 90 miles of motorway and 12 miles of B-roads, and that set me wondering what could I do if I employed some eco-driving techniques. So I set about driving as gently as possible, planning as far ahead as I could, and keeping revs low. I even turned off the aircon.

My first journey was home from work (52.9mpg), followed by a short drive to collect my daughter from nursery (32.2mpg). The next day a run up the M40 to Birmingham (55.1mpg) was followed 24 hours later by a run back down the M40 and around the M25 (52.3mpg).

My total distance for the test was 341 miles, covered on 29.9 litres of diesel, and that resulted in a not unreasonable 51.8mpg.

The car’s official combined fuel figure is 53.3mpg, so we’ve still not hit that, but the run was the perfect illustration that it’s how you drive that can have a far bigger impact on fuel consumption than what you drive.

Audi TT TDI Coupe
Mileage 7746
Our average
Forecast CPM 48.9p
Actual CPM 49.6p
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