I’m a little lax at checking tyre pressures, so it came to pass that the BMW was my saviour when what seems to be a slow puncture began to affect the right rear wheel.

The alert pops up on both the screen and the dashboard, letting me know which wheel it thinks has a problem. Now, I’ve previously had warnings on these systems that have turned out to be electrical glitches, but despite that I parted with my hard-earned 50p to check all four tyres, including the left rear that the car reckoned was losing pressure. And it was right.

Having re-inflated it back up to the seemingly high 39psi for the fronts and 42psi for the rear tyres, I approached the iDrive system with trepidation, having struggled before to convince similar systems that the pressures were now where they should be.

But, to my relief, the 3-series couldn’t be much simpler. The bad news was that the tyre pressure warning was going off again within a matter of days, so I’m off to my nearest tyre fitter tomorrow to find out if it’s a repair or replace.


BMW 320d saloon ED
Mileage 7362 miles
Our average consumption 55.9mpg
Forecast CPM 57.2p
Actual CPM 63.7p