The longer I drive the 500L, the more I wonder what people think of me in it.

My wife describes the feeling well, and I quote: “It’s one of those cars you either really love or that you think other people think ‘why did you do buy that?'” We pass other regular 500 city cars and wonder if we’re part of the same gang (or mindset). The smile on some of those drivers’ faces seems to suggest ‘yes’, while on others the feeling is less sure. Maybe they think we’re the sort of people who really loved the small 500 but now need more space for kids and can’t let go of the original shape.

It’s still better looking and more characterful than most mini-MPV family car rivals, but it’s still visually clunky compared with the baby three-door 500.

Practically, it’s longer than you think it should be when parking too. In our heads, we’re in a smaller car due to the styling and the name, and although interior space is good and the standard panoramic roof great, the 500L can’t be described as small. Physical spaces can be found, but we no longer know where we fit psychologically. Who said long-term reports couldn’t get deep?

500L 1.6 M’jet 105hp Lounge  
Mileage 6382
P11D price £18,835
Our average consumption 41.6mpg
Official combined consumption 62.8mpg
Forecast CPM 45.0p