The only concern about taking on the new 1.6 Ecoboost petrol engine in our Focus was that I’d have to get used to lower economy than the diesels I’ve run recently, where 40mpg was the minimum.

Although the official Focus figure is 47.1mpg, we’ve found you can expect around 75-80% of that in the real world, which means at least 35-38mpg should be achievable. And with a bit of care I reckon it will be, even though we’re only averaging 31.8mpg. The car has spent too much time in the city, but will be stretching its legs on my 70-mile commute for the next few weeks, so we’ll see where we are then.

Ford Focus Ecoboost 150 Titan.
Mileage 2300
Claimed combined consumption 47.1mpg
Our average consumption 33.0mpg
Forecast CPM 51.7p
Actual CPM 53.3p