While I’m by no means skinny, my hands happen to be fairly slim, so I can never be accused of having fat fingers.

But I still find the hard buttons surrounding the centre screen on our Civic Tourer mighty fiddly to accurately identify, locate and then press – especially in rushed moments at the traffic lights when you want to change from Radio 1 to Rinse FM or finish that tricky satnav input.

While it’s undoubtedly handy to have the ‘Zoom in/out’ function as a hard toggle button rather than embedded deep within the touch-screen, it seems that, overall, the Honda engineers have tried to squeeze in too many hard buttons. Couldn’t ‘Info’ be within ‘Menu’ for instance, or ‘Audio’ within ‘Source’? The touch-screen buttons within the screen itself are easier and mostly bigger, but still don’t always work first time (or that fast).

On the plus side, the satellite navigation postcode input is easy and the map sharper than rivals. A clean-up of the touch-screen design and its haptic sensitivity plus fewer perimeter buttons would be progress in my book. Or maybe my fingers need to go on a diet.