The i40 has taken a couple of recent trips to the dealership.

The first was due to an ‘Application error’ message that kept appearing on the satnav/radio screen, a fault I’ve previously mentioned.

As far as any of us at the BusinessCar office can tell, everything is functioning as it should be, but I’m still met with a Windows-style grey box warning each time the ignition is turned on

Our local Hyundai dealer – Premier Autocentres in Blackfen, Sidcup – gave it the once over and, after speaking to the manufacturer, said the best course of action was to replace the unit and send the defective item to Hyundai for diagnostics. That sounds like a drastic measure but it seems the Korean firm is keen to pick up on any common glitches with what is still quite a new model, which is to be commended.

My only complaint is that I’ve yet to hear back from the dealer as to when the new satnav unit will arrive, and it’s been more than the six to eight weeks that I was originally told it would take.

The second trip to the same dealer was for a straightforward first service, which proved short and sweet. The staff were polite, efficient and even gave the car a rinse for us.

Hyundai i40 Tourer 1.7 CRDi
136 Blue Drive Style
Mileage 11,395
Claimed combined
Our average
Forecast CPM 50.7p
Actual CPM 52.7p
For First service courtesy
of friendly dealer
Against Glitch remains on
infotainment screen
Why we’re running it Is Hyundai’s first
fleet-specific model
as good to live with
as it’s claimed to be?