I’ve had the CX-3 serviced at a Mazda dealer local to BusinessCar, and as well as it coming back clean both inside and out, the orange service symbol appears to be behaving itself and staying unlit.

So well done to T W White and Sons (pictured), which also did pretty good on price, beating a local competitor by around £60 for a 12,500-mile service. However, a third dealer, admittedly on the opposite side of the M25, and closer to my Bucks home, but less convenient in terms of logistics, was a further £60 or so cheaper than the Orpington, Kent-based business I used. It pays to shop around.

Mazda CX-3 1.5D 105 SE-L

Mileage 12,286
P11D price £20,940
Forecast/actual cost per mile 45.0p/45.6p
Our average consumption 55.1mpg
Official combined consumption 70.6mpg