When the CX-3 first arrived, there was a feeling that while the 350-litre boot would suffice for everyday and weekend family use – plus odd jobs such as clearing the garden hedge of random tree growth – it might struggle when the school-holiday season kicked-off.

Surprisingly, the car coped with the luggage our family of five carried for a week-long stay up north at the mother-in-law’s, although it was a tight squeeze (pictured) and we had to leave the ‘flexible cargo board’ (that splits the boot into two separate load areas) and the parcel shelf at home. And on a separate occasion the CX-3 managed four days at Butlins in Minehead.

However, a ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) trip tipped it over the edge, and I had to borrow BusinessCar’s Seat Leon X-perience estate from writer Hugh Hunston in order to carry the necessary additional bedding with us to the Isle of Wight.

Meanwhile, seats down, the 1260-litre space has been more than enough to carry out tasks such as picking up an eBay-won collection of second-hand garden tools as well as clearing my parents’ loft of stuff that I own and which has been up there for decades.

So while it’s not been completely suitable for a family of five, my opinion of the Mazda boot’s capabilities has certainly been altered over the course of a summer that has put it to the test.

Mazda CX-3 1.5D 105 SE-L Nav

Mileage 6387
P11D price £20,940
Forecast/actual cost per mile 44.5p/45.1p
Our average consumption 56.3mpg
Official combined consumption 70.6mpg