The CX-3’s lane departure warning system is a welcome safety extra on the motorway – a little nudge every now and then, if you needed it, to (literally) not drift off.

A front-view camera watches the road, and if you inadvertently stray onto a white line a flashing symbol in the instrument panel and a sound from the speakers, which emulates driving over rumble strips, provide warnings of your misdemeanour.

It’s standard on our SE-L model, and is deactivated via a button on the dash to the right of the steering wheel – something you might want to do on smaller roads where it can become annoyi

Mazda CX-3 1.5D 105 SE-L Nav

Mileage 6387
P11D price £20,940
Forecast/actual cost per mile 44.5p/45.1p
Our average consumption 56.3mpg
Official combined consumption 70.6mpg