The countdown has begun to the sad day when our roadster leaves us…

4 MARCH 20028
Mileage 12,876
Forecast CPM 32.5p
Actual CPM 34.9p
With the MX-5 leaving us in the near future, its weekly mileage has increased as we try and squeeze out every last possible drop of top-down fun from the little roadster.
21 FEBRUARY 2008
Mileage 12,070
Our average consumption 29.2mpg
Forecast CPM 32.5p
Actual CPM 34.9p
Cold, dry, clear days have been in abundance, and the time of year means that when the sun is out, it is down low and shining brightly. Unfortunately, that means using the MX5’s sun visor, which blocks a large part of the windscreen, limiting the viewing space to something resembling a letterbox (see picture). It’s also not possible to swivel it to block the sun streaming in through the driver’s window. On dropping the roof, however, we understood Mazda’s thinking – if the sun’s out, you should be revelling in top-down motoring, which distracts you from the squinting
25 JANUARY 2008
Mileage 11,444
Forecast CPM 32.5p
Actual CPM 34.9p
A friend recently complained about the MX-5’s insistent and very sensitive seat belt warning ticker. It took him belting up in more ways than one for us to start enjoying the ride once more.


With 10,500 miles on the clock we’re 2000 short of the next service for our long-term MX-5 – but since we’ve had the car a year it’s due a service anyway.

With a recent office move meaning we’re now based in Kent, we booked the roadster coupe into TW White in Orpington. The process was very simple; we were quoted £155 and told that if we dropped the car off first thing it would be ready by lunch time.


After we’d put the phone down we were sent a text message with details of the booking – which acted as a useful reminder and confirmation.

On the day of the service we dropped the car off just after 9am and by 1pm we’d had a phone call saying it was ready for collection.

As promised, the service cost £155 and they’d also included a can of de-icer and a scraper – perfect timing given the recent frosts. The car had also been washed.

This is exactly how dealerships should carry out a service – doing what they say, when they say it, with zero fuss.

Despite all the frost we’ve still had the folding hard-top down because on a clear sunny day that’s the best way to drive the MX-5 – even if we’ve had to wear a warm hat.