I’ve been getting to know my local Mercedes Bromley dealer very well lately.

The very day after the return of our A-class from its second dealer visit in as many months to resolve another problem, the car started making a scraping sound when going over speed bumps – even when going really slowly.

A quick investigation revealed a slow puncture of the front passenger-side tyre, which would account for the lowering and consequent scuffing.

After another call to the patient service department the dealer agreed to fix the tyre free of charge if possible, and usefully reminded us that in order to repair it we shouldn’t add the temporary car foam sealant that sits in the boot instead of a spare tyre, as then the tyre could only be replaced (which is much more costly).

Pumped up using the electronic unit in the boot (itself plugged into the 12V interior socket), the tyre managed the four-mile dealer trip easily and the repair was carried out in about 90 minutes while I waited, watching TV in an amiable tucked-away leather-sofa’ed area with a coffee.

Good service again, but let’s hope that third bit of bad luck is our last.