In the past five years I’ve lost count of the number of useless Bluetooth vehicle systems that would supposedly link your useful phone to your useful car in a simple way.

Most times after endless button pressing and variously comedic failed voice requests I gave up. But Bluetooth on the new Countryman is different. Not only does the car take you through straightforward steps – after inputting your personal phone password on your phone and again on the car’s keypad you’re basically connected – but it also ‘remembers’ your phone so that the process doesn’t have to be repeated even if you ‘pair’ your phone to other cars in between. Calls are easily taken and ended via obvious steering wheel buttons. But best of all, if you have tunes on your phone it means no more fiddly and unsightly cables to carry and plug in on every journey, and the link is still really, really clear. Just remember to select tunes from your phone rather than the car’s screen – no great hardship given the other benefits.

Mini Cooper D Countryman
Mileage 3470 miles
Our average consumption 43.0mpg
Forecast CPM 42.5p
Actual CPM 43.5p