Emerging into spring after a winter of discontent characterised by niggling faults, our chic-looking 208 appears to be taking the opportunity to redeem itself.

Gone and replaced by Oxford’s Bristol Street Motors’ efficient service department is the rogue infotainment screen, which insisted wrongly that satellites were not available to provide navigation guidance.

Frustratingly the new bug free-unit remains unable to accept postcodes, which makes finding rural locations, without street numbers and names, a time-consuming challenge. Answer? Borrow your daughter’s TomTom or dust down that dog-eared map book.

Some help is at hand, however, in the form of 10 Peugeot-specific apps (£350 if you want them all), including Michelin’s ‘live’ traffic monitoring service, offering optional jam-busting routes.

Meanwhile, the fuel gauge continues to deceive by registering 7/8ths full, resulting in shoe-splashing annoyance at the pumps, although consumption has edged up to just over 53mpg.