I?must say thanks to two readers this week.

First up is Paul Whitehead, who recommends I overcome a lack of go by temporarily engaging the Auris’s ‘Power’ mode. “It’s there for that little bit of extra power when needed, be it overtaking or going up a steep hill,” he says. I’ve since tried it, and while the surge of power isn’t instantaneous, it does help.

Like me, Alastair Rutt has been bugged by the continuous beeps that warn reverse is engaged. He says, though, that “this can be changed to a single beep free of charge by any Toyota main agent using the hand-held tester”. So now you know.

Toyota Auris hybrid 1.8 T-spirit
Mileage 3008
Claimed combined
Our average
P11D price £20,645
Model price range £14,455-£26,645
CO2 (tax) 96g/km (10%)
BIK 20/40% per month £34/£69
Why we’re running it Hybrid technology comes to
the lower medium Auris.
Does it make sense?
Positive Eco driving dash aids
Negative Lack of uphill and
on-motorway power