It’s been a good job we didn’t option up the alloys when we originally put in the order for the Corsa…

20 AUGUST 2007
Mileage 5912
Forecast CPM 19.6p
Actual CPM 23.2p
Glad we didn’t opt for the snazzy £400 alloys. What standard steel wheels and trims lack in aesthetics they make up in cheapness following careless intimate liaisons with kerbs.
24 JULY 2007
Mileage 5886
Forecast CPM 19.6p
Actual CPM 23.2p
Vauxhall’s indicators have come in for some criticism. Some say it’s too easy to trigger the opposite direction when manually cancelling, confusing other road users
10 JULY 2007
Mileage 5706
Forecast CPM 19.5p
Actual CPM 23.2p
Jury service meant swapping office for court and m-way life for urban hell. The Corsa was perfectly suited to the 20-mile slog, soaking up speed bumps and potholes with aplomb.

Main Report

We’re a bit surprised at how much time our Corsa is spending on motorways.

When we first picked the supermini we thought it would spend its days in second gear crawling around London. Instead you’re more likely to find it earning its living on M-roads as a surprising number of us have used the little Vauxhall for mile munching.

Vauxhall Corsa_LTT-25.06.07.gif

I have to admit that I actually nab the bigger cars for the long stuff, but was curious about the positive feedback the Corsa was receiving. Time for a test.

One Friday I nosed our petite car into London’s rush-hour traffic for a little jaunt to Kent, ably assisted by a pair of antipodean mates. Aussie Ben, a diehard Holden (Australian for Vauxhall) fan was a little disappointed when the Corsa turned up lacking a V8, but despite being well north of six-foot he folded himself into the front just fine with enough space for his adorable girlfriend Kara behind.

At first the car is a little disconcerting with its light steering that feels a little lifeless and remote, but you soon adjust and after an hour’s slow’s progress I certainly wasn’t complaining, especially with the ease and lightness of the clutch.

Then we hit the M20 and the Corsa coped admirably well. The ride was comfortable, aircon powerful [1] and CD player [2] of acceptable acoustic quality. Hills proved a little much for the 80PS 1.2-litre engine, but fourth gear was man enough to ensure speed was maintained, and in fact was a good compliment to fifth – by our calculations reaching 4000rpm would equate to 90+.

Expecting diesel-like economy I was a little bit disheartened at the 38mpg for the trip, but that was probably down to the city’s fuel economy sapping slug. However, when we reached our destination it was thumbs up all round, which for this small car is a big compliment.