Despite having two lorries to facilitate a recent house move, I still needed the Zafira Tourer to carry an assortment of items. 

These included stuff the removal firm wouldn’t take, such as tins of paint, and couldn’t take, because we needed them for last-minute cleaning/repair duties, such as a vacuum cleaner.

The car coped comfortably with the drive from the fast-paced, urban-edged unpredictability of south-east London to a gentler, leafier and less eventful Bucks market town, with all the rear seats folding simply beforehand. Yes, I didn’t load it with the same expertise as the pros, but then again, with the 1860 litres of luggage space, I didn’t need to.

The car’s also been used for two trips to the new, local recycling centre, with the foldable luggage compartment cover, designed to create a level load floor and protect the backs of the seats from dirt when they’re folded flat, being used as a makeshift barrier (see inset picture) to protect a rear passenger from unsecured dump-bound debris.