So far, the V60 has been a welcome addition to the BusinessCar fleet, seemingly doing endless miles on one tank and having more power than one would expect from its 1.6 115hp diesel engine.

But how does it fare in the competitive world of whole-life costs? Well, it’s always going to be a tough market to crack when faced with premium rivals such as the Audi A4 Avant, BMW 318d Touring and Mercedes-Benz C-class estate. Those German models don’t feature anything lower than 2.0-litre diesels with 136hp (for the A4 and

C-class) and 141hp for the 3-series Touring, so naturally are more powerful than the cheaper V60 Driv-e. Still, the Volvo definitely isn’t lacking in this area, so may still be worth considering against these more potent contenders. The Volvo has the weakest RVs of the four at 34% versus the high of the

C-class at 42%. But, unsurprisingly given its green Driv-e badge, it wins on emissions at 119g/km compared with 120g/km for the Audi and BMW and 127g/km for the Merc. Overall, the Audi A4 Avant 2.0 TDIe 136hp SE gains the title for the best whole-life costs at 58.0 pence per mile, but the Volvo is just a smidgen behind at 58.3ppm, beating the BMW and Merc, which are both 59.6ppm.

Volvo V60 Driv-e 1.6 115hp SE
Mileage 5181
Claimed combined consumption 62.8mpg
Our average consumption 40.9mpg
Forecast CPM 59.0p
Actual CPM 62.1p