The new 308 is the first Peugeot to benefit from the new three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. The 130hp 1.2 is comparable with the previous 1.6-litre petrol units, but in this configuration manages 110g/km, although that drops to 107g/km in trim levels with smaller wheels.


The interior quality, space and driving characteristics carry over from the rest of the new 308 range.


The 130hp engine is lively and enjoyable while still returning some impressive efficiency figures. We were averaging well over 40mpg, and with effort, the 58.9mpg official figure looks within reach.


Surprisingly, the 130hp petrol model’s RVs can’t match the diesel 308’s, and at 31.0% this model is well away from the equivalent VW Golf’s 40.4%, but it does beat the 100hp Focus Ecoboost.


The 308’s insurance groups are surprisingly high, with this model coming in two above the Golf and four above the Focus.


Another feather in the cap of the excellent new 308 range. Makes a lot of sense for lower-mileage drivers, and shows again what a good car the new 308 is.