Peugeot is continuing to push emissions down on its range, with the latest 150hp version of its 508 2.0 HDi coming in at 109g/km for the saloon,10g/km clear of the existing 140hp version. The SW estate model is 1g/km higher at 110g/km.  

The BlueHDi is Euro6-compliant, and gets the 508 down to the same emissions level as the 115hp e-HDi model, beaten only by the EGC auto version of the 1.6 at 104g/km and the diesel-electric hybrid model’s 91g/km.

It’s not cheap though, with the new 150hp engine priced at £1100 above the less efficient 140hp alternative in the Allure trim that’s the only one in which the new engine is available. The 508 is also handicapped in residual value terms, with KwikCarcost predicting a 23.6% RV, while the 98g/km Vauxhall Insignia is predicted at 31.3%, and the 104g/km Mazda 6 is at 33.4%. That means the 508 costs 62.2p per mile, while the Mazda can be had for 55.4p and the Ins