What’s new: Peugeot‘s new crack at the upper medium sector comes as the French brands in particular have continued to suffer in that market, none more so than the 407 it replaces.

Excellent: Emissions of 109g/km and a combined fuel economy figure of 64.2mpg make for a very efficient business tool, when you consider the size, carrying potential and spec of the 508.

Good: Interior space, quality and equipment are all good, and the 112hp 1.6 diesel engine does a decent job of pulling the car around without complaint. Though it’s not necessarily a style icon, the looks do enough to portray a classy car.

Average: Residual values from Kwik Carcost of 27.4%?are still volume brand rather than any pretentions at a more premium positioning. CPM is 49.6p per mile.

Poor: We’ve said this before when used in other models, but the EGC?auto, or robotised manual, gearbox is too jerky and hard to drive smoothly. You learn to drive around it, but should you really have to?

Verdict: Gearbox leads to low emissions, but it’s really not worth the sacrifice in what’s an otherwise good car.