What’s new: The PT Cruiser has gained a new 2.2-litre diesel from sister brand Mercedes and a new up-spec ‘Route 66’ trim level.

Excellent: The 120PS diesel pulls strongly and scores well for refinement at motorway speeds. The car is well equipped and has a combined mpg figure of 50.4.

Good: The exterior looks divide opinion, but there’s no arguing over the interior space. Both the boot, at more than 500 litres, and rear leg room are impressive.

Average: The gearchange is stiff except for first and reverse, when it’s very easy to slot reverse when looking for first.

Poor: The dashboard, some of the switchgear and the steering wheel all look out of date and slightly low rent.

Verdict: The much improved diesel engine gives the PT Cruiser a new lease of life, but there are still some rough edges on show.