Suzuki has made the performance version of its Swift hatchback, the Sport, available as a five-door. Previously a three-door only, it won’t be a big fleet player, but the extra practicality adds a more attractive dimension for the corporate sector.

Also worth noting is that at £14,054 it’s probably the cheapest way into the hot hatch sector. You’re looking at 45.6ppm – comfortably beneath the albeit more powerful Ford Fiesta ST 1 at £16,815 and 48.0ppm.

The Swift is neither the most powerful nor the fastest hot hatch around with a non-turbo 136hp 1.6-litre engine, 0-62mph in 8.7 seconds and 121mph flat out. It is, however, great fun. It’s tiny, agile and the fact that it doesn’t have a turbocharger and isn’t teeming with horsepower means you have to drive it hard to get the best out of it, which is all the more rewarding.