The new Toyota Rav4, driven here in top Invincible spec, offers decent levels of kit including keyless entry, heated electric driver’s seat and rear parking sensors. Emissions are under 150g/km, although the front-wheel drive version gets down to 127g/km.

It is a well-designed and robust product on the inside, and seems like a better quality vehicle than its predecessor, which felt cheaper from the driver’s seat.

The styling, though, is more challenging, especially compared with the more elegant, if less distinctive, Ford Kuga. Toyota has brought the Rav4’s look in line with its other new models such as the Auris, but the lined and fussy design won’t appeal to all.

However, residuals are good, and the running costs for this range-topping model, at 62.9ppm, are similar to its two key rivals, the new Ford Kuga and Honda CR-V, with all three being within a penny of each other.