Take a glance at the new Agila and you’ll see that Vauxhall’s designers have, thankfully, thrown away their rulers.

While the outgoing model’s looks could best be described as ‘boxy’, the new car comes with swooping parallel lines along the side panels and a cheeky cherubic smile that lends a certain charm.

From the rear, everything is as squared off as before, but a five-sided rear windscreen, round reverse lights and star-effect brake lights break up the lines.

It’s a big styling improvement, though without any attempt to distinguish it from class rivals.

The total overhaul to the Agila, developed alongside the Suzuki Splash, means the car offers more than the original’s simple practicality, which hasn’t been compromised. Rear legroom is good, and four adults can be transported without anyone feeling cramped.

And while the boot is hardly cavernous at first glance – only 225 litres – the seats fold flat with little effort to bring the capacity up to 1050 litres. In the Club spec and above, the seats divide 60/40, while an additional compartment under the boot floor also provides a further 35 litres of storage space. The usual plethora of cup holders and dash-mounted pigeonholes also means there’s enough space for the obligatory keys, phone and other day-to-day paraphernalia

Powering the new Agila are two new…